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Friday, November 14, 2014

Boys' Toys galore @ Bandai Chara Fest

ooo.. sounds like something happening is going on at the basement of United Square.

Station 1: Big Hero

Big Hero!
I was thrilled to see this toy available for me to play with!

There's actually a contest going on which see which team of 2 can assemble Big Hero the fastest.
Unfortunately I suddenly need to rush to the washroom so we didn't make it in time for the contest.

I needed lots of help with this but mummy is still proud of me as I reached for certain parts like the hands and helmet myself without any prompt. 
Mummy was surprised that I even know Hiro (the boy) goes on Baymax (the robot)'s back.

Click on Image to enlarge

Station 2: Takara Plarail

Tucked in a corner, nobody discovered this treasure island (yet) so I dived in, leaving my bag aside.

lotsa rails and

lotsa trains!
Try switching some of them on!

Station 3: Tail Battler

oo... what's this?
Unlike other Bandai toys we are so familiar with, we've not seen this before.

This korkor was trying to teach me how to play.
Mummy wanteda take photo of me battling so she asked this korkor to battle with me.
Unfortunately, I was afraid of him so I didn't put in my best.
In the end, Mummy battled him and won!
think he bang-zui (give chance). 

Station 4: Marble Shoot Shoot (B-Daman)

Marble Shoot Shoot.
Yup. that's what we call B-Daman.
This one has a moving target which we don't have at home!
Mummy secretly breathe a sigh of relief cos she thought I'll ask to get one of these targets to complement our "shooters".
Actually I didn't ask to buy any of these toys at all though I thoroughly enjoyed myself here.
Good girl right?

Station 5a: Tomica

 This set and the Plarail made my mummy regret selling ours, though our car track is only half of the this set.
Mummy: oh wait... or is it in the cardboard still?

Station 5b: Tomica Multi-storey carpark

More Tomica!
I was impressed with one of the hatchback cars whose boot can open up.
"just like Da Hong (papa's car)," Mummy told me.
She was surprised that I'm impressed cos we have many Tomica cars at home and many whose doors can be opened.

This carpark has 2 car-elevators!
one automated and the other manual control.
So fun I didn't want to go home.

All these and more @

Bandai Chara fest Singapore 2014

United Square

12 - 16 November 2014

I had lotsa of fun!
So who says only boys play with cars and trains.

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