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Friday, November 14, 2014

Boys' Toys galore @ Bandai Chara Fest

ooo.. sounds like something happening is going on at the basement of United Square.

Station 1: Big Hero

Big Hero!
I was thrilled to see this toy available for me to play with!

There's actually a contest going on which see which team of 2 can assemble Big Hero the fastest.
Unfortunately I suddenly need to rush to the washroom so we didn't make it in time for the contest.

I needed lots of help with this but mummy is still proud of me as I reached for certain parts like the hands and helmet myself without any prompt. 
Mummy was surprised that I even know Hiro (the boy) goes on Baymax (the robot)'s back.

Click on Image to enlarge

Station 2: Takara Plarail

Tucked in a corner, nobody discovered this treasure island (yet) so I dived in, leaving my bag aside.

lotsa rails and

lotsa trains!
Try switching some of them on!

Station 3: Tail Battler

oo... what's this?
Unlike other Bandai toys we are so familiar with, we've not seen this before.

This korkor was trying to teach me how to play.
Mummy wanteda take photo of me battling so she asked this korkor to battle with me.
Unfortunately, I was afraid of him so I didn't put in my best.
In the end, Mummy battled him and won!
think he bang-zui (give chance). 

Station 4: Marble Shoot Shoot (B-Daman)

Marble Shoot Shoot.
Yup. that's what we call B-Daman.
This one has a moving target which we don't have at home!
Mummy secretly breathe a sigh of relief cos she thought I'll ask to get one of these targets to complement our "shooters".
Actually I didn't ask to buy any of these toys at all though I thoroughly enjoyed myself here.
Good girl right?

Station 5a: Tomica

 This set and the Plarail made my mummy regret selling ours, though our car track is only half of the this set.
Mummy: oh wait... or is it in the cardboard still?

Station 5b: Tomica Multi-storey carpark

More Tomica!
I was impressed with one of the hatchback cars whose boot can open up.
"just like Da Hong (papa's car)," Mummy told me.
She was surprised that I'm impressed cos we have many Tomica cars at home and many whose doors can be opened.

This carpark has 2 car-elevators!
one automated and the other manual control.
So fun I didn't want to go home.

All these and more @

Bandai Chara fest Singapore 2014

United Square

12 - 16 November 2014

I had lotsa of fun!
So who says only boys play with cars and trains.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Big Draw: It's Our World

We were very honored to be invited to Playeum's 6th edition of the four time Award Winning
Big Draw:
It's Our World

I think I'd call it "It's our Worlds"

My 1st World: Colours of the Jungle

by Eve Tan
an entire space, floor, walls, etc wrapped up with paper and we can draw anywhere and everywhere!

I immediately got down and started drawing.
The "jungle" was soon filled up.
As the "jungle" was outside the toilet, mummy felt bad every time she had to step over the drawings to get in and out of the washroom.

 My 2nd World: Land Before Time 

Inspired by artist Lin Shi Yuun and the story of the Gunung Daik mountain.

Teacher Lin showing us what to do to the mountain.

After working on the mountain for some time,

I decided to contribute to the landscape by sculpting something on my own.
So Teacher brought me to select some materials.

Putting paper marche on the tree I built.
 Mummy calls it "very messy art"
as there's glue and paper everywhere!

You can make your own glue.
Lin Shi Yuun's directions: one cup flour + one cup water

 Next, Teacher blended glue + newpaper for us to explore a different texture

messsy paper marche photo messymarche.gif

look at my hands and the floor.
This girl working with me was in a complete messy from head to toe but it doesn't bother her at all and she's so happily working on her sculptures.
Mummy wishes she was cool like this girl's mum. She thinks she will freak out if I come home like this with paper marche all over my pants and paint coloring my shirt.
Well, this is all part of messy art!

My 3rd world: Raindrops

The one I've been looking forward to - clay-play session, centered on a rainforest theme, inspired by artist Madhvi, Raindrops

 Can't wait to get my hands on these clay!




 Adding on the branches

 Here! my very own Tree!
I'm very proud of my tree and wanted to bring it home

  but Mummy thinks I should contribute to the Rainforest. :(

Final touch: Writing my name on it lest I forget which is my tree.

 Kind jiejie helping me to wash the clay off my hands.

Our rainforest!
I'm sure by the time we go back this weekend, it'll be soooo crowded with more trees!

My 4th world: Wild Drawings

an interactive art installation by Isabelle Desjeux

 using “wild flowers” of Singapore

 Teacher showing me the plants

creating my art-piece with plants and charcoal.
Mummy wondered why everything looks nice with charcoal.
it's my drawing that is nice lah. silly mummy.

The world outside: Poi Painting 

by Zheng Hao

poi painting photo 2014-11-05_10-32-49_845.gif

As you can see, all these are very messy art, so don't go in your best clothes but go in your comfy clothes that can be messed up in.
Also, wear slippers cos you may need to take off your shoes and may be even wash them.

nevertheless, The messier, the more fun!

See you at

It's Our World

8th and 9th November 2014 

11am to 6pm 

Block 7, Lock Road #01-13 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108935
(opposite Hort Park)

Programme Highlights 

8th Nov 
4-6 pm Poi Painting by Zheng Hao and Bonfire Community Circus

9th Nov 
11 am: Moving Drawings with Ezekiel Oliveira of FiveLines - a contemporary dance initiative
3 pm: Story Telling with Pooja Makijani
4-6 pm Poi Painting by Zheng Hao and Bonfire Community Circus

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 things to bring to a picnic

Been reading about picnics...

Now, it's finally my turn to go to a real picnic!

Actually, I've been to a picnic when I was in Mummy's tummy.

What to bring to picnics:
1. Children Picnic Mat(s)

2. Outdoor Toys 
Better still if they can fly! 
e.g. paper/Styrofoam planes, boomerangs, etc.
Balls are great too!

3. Bubbles!
A must!

4. Food

5. Drinks!
A cooler box will be wonderful!
cos Singapore's so hot, hot, hot,
plus all the running and playing, we need to replenish the fluid lost.

6. Trash bagS
Keep our parks clean hor.

6. Friends 
What's a picnic without friends.
Thanks for jio-ing us, Auntie Karine!
and thanks for sharing the birthday cake with all the May babies, Auntie Ling.

I hope to have a birthday picnic too and not wait another 4 years before the next picnic. 

Activity:              Picnic
Location:             Palm Valley, Botanic Gardens
                            (in front of Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage)

Nearest Parking: along Tyersall Ave, before "coach parking"
                            (one-way, enter from Holland Road)

Coming soon:
Go for a picnic with rhythms of Samba at

Samba Botanica on 24 May 2014, 6 - 7.30pm!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My breasts friends - supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Not Jade but Jade's Mummy said ...

But more than wanting to make money, I also want to share good products with my family, friends and whoever is reading this blog, as a housewife and a breastfeeding mom.

I don’t like popping pills. Since I have to take my daily dose of medicine, I only occasionally take supplements myself. 
When I was breastfeeding Hann, I only took these on a part-time basis: as and when I remember, which is not very often
So, no, breastfeeding comrades, you don’t have to take ALL 4 of these supplements I'm going to introduce, take only what you need.

1.      Lecithin

(for all bf moms)
I wish someone had told me about Lecithin and that it can help to resolve and prevent blocked ducts (source: Then I wouldn’t have suffered mastitis so many times in my 3.25 years of breastfeeding Hann. Can’t remember any episode of mastitis while breastfeeding Jade though but I think I should have had it once or twice.
So I'd recommend Lecithin for all breastfeeding mummies - prevention is better than cure.

2.      Green Tea Protein

When I shared that “My friend swears Green Tea Protein boosted with her milk supply”, someone challenged me and said it’s not a galactagogue. Seriously, I didn’t know what  galactagogue is but I think she meant it doesn’t help to increase milk supply.

Unlike the time I was breastfeeding hann and had abundance of milk, Jade doesn't demand as much so my supply was lower with her. Since my friend swears by this Green Tea Protein, and I still had it in my fridge, I tried to take it on a daily basis to maintain my milk supply when I went back to work and pumping is a luxury.

Well... I decided to do some homework and find out what “galactagogue” is.
“A galactagogue ... is a substance that promotes lactation in humans and other animals. It may be synthetic, plant-derived, or endogenous.”

in my 3.25 + 1.5 years of breastfeeding, I have not taken any galactagogue except fenugreek while breastfeeding Jade.
Fenugreek is said to work wonders for many mothers but somehow it didn't happen for me. Maybe that's because I didn’t take it regularly. I didn't even managed to finish the one bottle I got from GNC before I was "forced" to stop breastfeeding Jade.

And through this search on what galactagogues are, I found out that on top of fenugreek, Milk Thistle and Alfalfa are also herbal galactagogues.

3.      Milk Thistle and Dandelion

So if fenugreek is not helping you increase your supply, why not try Milk Thistle?

but Before you decide on an herbal supplement, consider your reasons for doing so.

4.      Calcium Magnesium

Recently I shared on facebook an old post about breastfeeding and some friends realised that I was breastfeeding Hann for more than 3 years. One of them asked if it’ll affect our (mommies’) calcium level. So I went to search again and seems like it's not breastfeeding that affects our calcium level but the pregnancy itself.
So this one’s only if u think u need to take Calcium supplements then do consider Amway’s since it has alfalfa concentrate and alfalfa is known to increase milk supply (source:

as with all Amway Nutrilite products, 
the advice is 
"Pregnant and Nursing women should consult their physician before use"
so if u need more info on any of these products to consult your physician, 
or if you want to buy them,
drop me an email at
or leave a comment on my amway facebook album.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Jade: u know why I don't like to shower my hair in school?
Mummy: because... U r scared of water?
Jade: no...
Mummy: o! Because u want to b 臭臭 jadey??
Jade: yes! (giggles)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Circus Minimus By Lyngo Theatre, UK

  Circus Minimus By Lyngo Theatre, UK
(for age 2 - 4)
 20-28 Apr 2013 

Having had lotsa fun at Egg and Spoon last year, we're not going to miss 
  Circus Minimus By Lyngo Theatre, UK, an interactive children's theatre.
Expect a real chance to get stuck in the circus ring setting, be transformed into artistes and asked to perform amazing feats of dare and do such as swimming in the night sky or tending cloud sheep. Or we can simply sit back and be amazed. 

See you there!
Click more details.
Click to buy tickets.