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Monday, October 11, 2010

Gone swimming

6 -8 Oct 2010
few days to 4 months old

Gone swimming with my korkor and parents.
It's my 1st time swimming!
and I swam for 3 days consecutive!

Sometimes I swim forward.

Sometimes I swim sideways.

sometimes I swim float backwards.

when I do, I like to hook my legs together.

Sometimes I complain a lot, other times I enjoy myself.

swimming sure is tiring!

I even fell asleep in the pool!

Tip: Baby gets tired and hungry after swimming, get a bottle of milk ready after swim might be good.


  1. hi,
    where did you buy Jade's swimming wear and head float? thanks.

  2. haha. was going to blog about that but no time.

    a quick reply:
    swim wear from Mothercare;
    neck float from

  3. was gg to take BB TK this sat to swim too..nice swim BB Jade wearing disp diapers under the suit?

  4. Yah. I'm wearing disposable SWIM diapers.

    normal diapers also can bah. but it will be heavy with pool water.

    U can get those permanent swim diapers too.

    Do check if the haze is still around before bringing TK. or maybe should wait some more cos the rain water recently would have washed the haze into the pool. too much NO2 and CO2.

  5. Jade, What are those permanent swim diapers and where do you think I can get them? Thinking of getting them for Allysa and go green at the same time!

    By the way, you just remind me so much of Allysa. You are so adorable!! *pinch pinch* (gently)

  6. Hi Yvonne, actual they look just like briefs.

    u can get them at those swim wear shops. the ones we know of are at Paragon, Tanglin Mall and Downtown east.
    they're also available at baby-speciality shops like Kiddy palace, Mums & Babes and some departmental stores.