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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My breasts friends - supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Not Jade but Jade's Mummy said ...

But more than wanting to make money, I also want to share good products with my family, friends and whoever is reading this blog, as a housewife and a breastfeeding mom.

I don’t like popping pills. Since I have to take my daily dose of medicine, I only occasionally take supplements myself. 
When I was breastfeeding Hann, I only took these on a part-time basis: as and when I remember, which is not very often
So, no, breastfeeding comrades, you don’t have to take ALL 4 of these supplements I'm going to introduce, take only what you need.

1.      Lecithin

(for all bf moms)
I wish someone had told me about Lecithin and that it can help to resolve and prevent blocked ducts (source: Then I wouldn’t have suffered mastitis so many times in my 3.25 years of breastfeeding Hann. Can’t remember any episode of mastitis while breastfeeding Jade though but I think I should have had it once or twice.
So I'd recommend Lecithin for all breastfeeding mummies - prevention is better than cure.

2.      Green Tea Protein

When I shared that “My friend swears Green Tea Protein boosted with her milk supply”, someone challenged me and said it’s not a galactagogue. Seriously, I didn’t know what  galactagogue is but I think she meant it doesn’t help to increase milk supply.

Unlike the time I was breastfeeding hann and had abundance of milk, Jade doesn't demand as much so my supply was lower with her. Since my friend swears by this Green Tea Protein, and I still had it in my fridge, I tried to take it on a daily basis to maintain my milk supply when I went back to work and pumping is a luxury.

Well... I decided to do some homework and find out what “galactagogue” is.
“A galactagogue ... is a substance that promotes lactation in humans and other animals. It may be synthetic, plant-derived, or endogenous.”

in my 3.25 + 1.5 years of breastfeeding, I have not taken any galactagogue except fenugreek while breastfeeding Jade.
Fenugreek is said to work wonders for many mothers but somehow it didn't happen for me. Maybe that's because I didn’t take it regularly. I didn't even managed to finish the one bottle I got from GNC before I was "forced" to stop breastfeeding Jade.

And through this search on what galactagogues are, I found out that on top of fenugreek, Milk Thistle and Alfalfa are also herbal galactagogues.

3.      Milk Thistle and Dandelion

So if fenugreek is not helping you increase your supply, why not try Milk Thistle?

but Before you decide on an herbal supplement, consider your reasons for doing so.

4.      Calcium Magnesium

Recently I shared on facebook an old post about breastfeeding and some friends realised that I was breastfeeding Hann for more than 3 years. One of them asked if it’ll affect our (mommies’) calcium level. So I went to search again and seems like it's not breastfeeding that affects our calcium level but the pregnancy itself.
So this one’s only if u think u need to take Calcium supplements then do consider Amway’s since it has alfalfa concentrate and alfalfa is known to increase milk supply (source:

as with all Amway Nutrilite products, 
the advice is 
"Pregnant and Nursing women should consult their physician before use"
so if u need more info on any of these products to consult your physician, 
or if you want to buy them,
drop me an email at
or leave a comment on my amway facebook album.


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