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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 things to bring to a picnic

Been reading about picnics...

Now, it's finally my turn to go to a real picnic!

Actually, I've been to a picnic when I was in Mummy's tummy.

What to bring to picnics:
1. Children Picnic Mat(s)

2. Outdoor Toys 
Better still if they can fly! 
e.g. paper/Styrofoam planes, boomerangs, etc.
Balls are great too!

3. Bubbles!
A must!

4. Food

5. Drinks!
A cooler box will be wonderful!
cos Singapore's so hot, hot, hot,
plus all the running and playing, we need to replenish the fluid lost.

6. Trash bagS
Keep our parks clean hor.

6. Friends 
What's a picnic without friends.
Thanks for jio-ing us, Auntie Karine!
and thanks for sharing the birthday cake with all the May babies, Auntie Ling.

I hope to have a birthday picnic too and not wait another 4 years before the next picnic. 

Activity:              Picnic
Location:             Palm Valley, Botanic Gardens
                            (in front of Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage)

Nearest Parking: along Tyersall Ave, before "coach parking"
                            (one-way, enter from Holland Road)

Coming soon:
Go for a picnic with rhythms of Samba at

Samba Botanica on 24 May 2014, 6 - 7.30pm!

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