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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fan vs Aircon for confinement

not Jade but Jade's Mummy the trained application scientist says...

a friend, who is expecting her baby real soon, post this on her Facebook status:
Mothers out there, any scientific proof that aircon has no negative side-effects during confinement??? I need to win this war very badly! pls help
Fret not, Mummies! Scientist to your rescue!

basically the whole idea is to prevent wind from entering your body during confinement.
Hence, Fan is actually worse than aircon w/o fan.

just keeps the air cool.
keep it at no less than 25 deg would be good and don't blow the aircon directly at you though.
If you Don't let the aircon "sweep", and/or keep it at low fan speed, the air in the room is actually quite still.
So, no wind!

creates wind which is exactly you want to avoid.
Wind is also known as convection currents which is a type of heat loss,
hence Sweat + fan is the worse combi.
If you are sweaty and you blow the fan at yourself,
the convection currents promoted by the fan will cause the sweat on your skin to evaporate more quickly and as a result, more heat lost from your body.
Even if you have no sweat on ya skin, heat will continually be removed from your body thru' convection if you blow the fan at yourself.

so Jade's Mummy, the trained application scientist (aka engineer), strongly recommends Aircon over fan.
Well... of cos, if you are one of those who can survive in hot hot Singapore without aircon as well as fan, Bravo!

but Jade's Mummy will just die without at least one of those.


  1. Oh my goodness, you are trained application scientist (aka engineer! But you are Maths Teacher for primary school???


  2. my mummy's a secondary school teacher.

    she thinks she'll go mad if she has to teach pri school. She has no patience to teach the kids howta staple, line up and punch holes.

    and there are MANY engineers turn teachers in our local schools. even in primary schools.

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